Lightning Strikes KL Tower Yet Again

Getting a picture of a lightning strike is a one-in-a-million opportunity, let alone capturing the perfect moment.

However, Johnson Lam successfully did just that – the perfect shot of lightning striking the KL Tower. 

“30% intuition, 50% timing, 20% crazy to get this shot. (Many would call it a Lucky Shot) Flew my Mavic Air 2 right directly over my house to get eye level with the skyline (I stay on a hill) and I was prepared to pick up the carcass if it crashed in the rain. Took around 40 shots (Some 3″ exposure, some 7″ exposure) and did not even know I caught this masterpiece until I loaded it on the laptop. However, sadly it was struggling to keep still in the winds, the city scape was a bit blurred.” he said. 

Armed with his Mavic Air 2 Manual Mode, ISO 100, 7″ Exposure, with the help of the 3 axis gimbal, he got his money shot. Call it luck or not, to get a perfect shot of a lightning strike is extremely challenging and fatal, even to a professional photographer. Every shot of a lightning strike will always be different as opportunity seldom knocks twice. However, being able to capture the beautiful moment with one’s camera, is an opportunity that one cannot miss.