Exin Light Explosion Proof Portable Lights EX90L

EX90L T4 IIB 720 DS / EX90L T4 IIB 1440 SS

The Explosion Proof Light, EX lighting Zone 0 products carry either an IECEx Certificate of Conformity (International) or an ATEx Certificate (European) for your peace of mind and to satisfy workplace safety obligations. These provide evidence that the lights are suitable for areas where flammable gases and combustible dusts are present. Ideal for Mining, Oil Rigs, Gas Companies, Water and various Utility Services.


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  • Intrinsically safe IECEx and ATEx Zone 0 (Zero)
  • Robust solid construction manufactured from ABS747 IP 65
  • Shock absorbing rubber fitted to base, rubber seal on lid seals and protect the light
  • UV and Salt Water resistant
  • Double sided light head the light head tilts down by up to 60º
  • Work close to the light head, as it generates little or no heat
  • Base of the Smith Light designed to accept many specialized mounting brackets
  • Fitted with a main on / off switch to increase battery life
  • Low battery alarm
  • Integral charging cable compartment with AC DC cables

Light Head
The EX90L T4 IIB 720 DS is a two-sided LED light providing 720 lumens each side. Alternatively you can choose the EX90L T4 IIB 1440 SS one-sided model which doubles the illumination to 1440 lumens. Run times vary between 6 and 12 hours depending upon usage. The EX90L T4 IIC 720 SS is a single-sided LED light providing 720 lumens and a 10-12 hour run time on a single battery charge. The EX90L Light Head is designed to tilt down by up to 60°, giving you excellent illumination flexibility.

The EX90L body is constructed using an automotive type ABS747 making the light highly durable for use in mining, on oil rigs and in industries where there could be flammable gas or another potentially explosive atmosphere.
Shock absorbing rubber on both the base and lid provides added protection and the inbuilt extension height-adjustable arms make this light suitable for all tasks.
The portable EXIN Light EX models have an IP 65 rating which means they are dustproof and waterproof. Manufactured with an anti-static UV and saltwater resistant ingredient, these EX lights are designed to work in hostile environments such as oil rigs.

EXIN LIGHT batteries are purpose built for the EX90L explosion proof light. They are manufactured in Australia under strict quality control processes and certified by the IECEx and ATEX governing bodies. They contain the latest technology in NiMH cells which maximises energy density and results in a lighter weight product. The encapsulation process used ensures a fully contained product that is both safe and durable.

Attachment Accessories
There is a full range of lighting attachments and accessories including a Tripod, Pole Attachment, Stabilising Plate, Scaffold Attachment, Clip-on Signs and Lenses (Cautions, Exits, Arrows, Red, Green and Amber Lenses). As this is an explosion proof product, all attachments are one-off and purpose manufactured.


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