MetraWeather Weather Solutions For The Oil & Gas Industry

MetraWeather provides a portfolio of forecasting products and services to anticipate and meet the unique and changing needs of the oil & gas industry.



Even during the best of times, the extraction of oil and gas from the ground or seabed demands strict attention to the health and safety of staff and the maintenance of assets. When the weather decides to pitch in with strong winds, heavy rain, lightning and high seas, the risk of mishaps increases and even more care is required.

In these situations, accurate, relevant weather forecasts are essential to making informed decisions about day to day operations, shipping and aircraft movements, and construction or maintenance work.

MetraWeather and its parent company, the Meteorological Service of New Zealand, have over 20 years’ experience in the supply of tailored forecasts to the oil and gas industry in both terrestrial and offshore environments, assisting with risk management, health and safety, daily operations and longer term planning and consent issues.

We can give you access to the world’s best weather models, providing reliable half-hourly forecasts of wind, rainfall, temperature, cloud and visibility, as well as ocean swell and sea state for offshore operations. MetraWeather can also supply you with accurate tracking and forecasts of tropical cyclones, storms and lightning activity. Forecasts are available online or via email or SMS. Email and SMS alerts will warn you when severe weather is expected, allowing immediate action.

All of MetraWeather’s products are supported by our team of World Meteorological Organisation qualified forecasters, who are available on-demand to supply phone or email briefings specific to your operation.

MetraWeather provides powerful weather intelligence through its weather forecasts for the oil and gas industry and we will consult with you to tailor a package of forecasts to your particular needs. Take some time to sample our forecasts, or contact us now.

About MetraWeather Asia
MetraWeather is a specialist private weather guidance company with a strong footprint in South East Asia. The company is backed by the meteorological expertise of parent company MetService, a National Meteorological Service certified to provide public safety and aviation weather guidance.