SAM 940 Defender / Revealer Isotope Identification with Reachback Program

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) groundbreaking new Radiation Isotope Identifier (called a RIID by Dept of Homeland Security) offers a suite of features to address a growing range of applications. From the technical needs of a health physicist, to a food and drug inspector, to a first responder in a HAZMAT suit, the SAM 940 Defender and Revealer will excite your field users.

The Berkeley Nucleonics SAM 940 Defender was developed to give users what they need: simple operation options, the ability to react quickly, and automatically obtain reliable, accurate technical data. Several modes of operation give users a range of technical reports on isotope identification and dose rate characterization. The most simple is a basic Isotope ID; the most complex includes nuclide specific dose calculations, GPS and historical data and an analysis of statistical confidence levels.




Isotope Identifier Features
• Industry Leading Spectral Resolution
• No Warm Up or Waiting Period
• One Hand / One Glove Operation
• Network Ready with ANSI N42.42 Data Transmission
• Search and Confirm with One Instrument
• COTS Batteries for Rapid Deployment
• Highest Sensitivity and Response in Real Time
• Operates Accurately in High Background
• Auto Calibration and Stabilization with NORM
• Cambio or Peak Easy Compatible
• Ships with ANSI-Viewer Software
• DOE Reachback Ready, JAC Ready

Identifier Applications
• Emergency Response
• Law Enforcement
• Homeland Security
• Undercover Surveillance
• Industrial
• Medical
• Radiation Safety
• Passenger and Freight Monitoring
• Non-proliferation Enforcement
• Health Physics
• Food, Water & Public Health Monitoring
• Environmental Waste Monitoring
• Unattended/Remote Monitoring

Other Resources
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