Electro-Atmospheric Field Protector

The CMCE SERTEC 120 offers superior protection for high risk facilities such as towers, 911 centers and airports. It provides 120 meters of radius coverage and is suitable for most commercial and industrial installations.



The CMCE SERTEC 120 PROTECTOR aims to protect people, animals and structures in installations on land, from any electrical phenomenon driven through the air.

The CMCE SERTEC 120 is designed to compensate the electroatmospheric effects, compensating and stabilizing the current of the electric charges in the environment, draining them to earth in harmless milliamps.

The CMCE SERTEC 120 is the result of the discovery of the behavior of electroatmospheric phenomena that interact in the atmosphere of the planet. The novelty of this technological development is supported by the well-known laws of OHM and Maxwell’s equations, on which atmosphere referring to ground in the protection area. The system behaves passively at the level of prevention, based on atmospheric electrical activity with the aim of maintaining a clean and controlled environment of electrical contamination.


The multiple compensator of electric field, CMCE SERTEC 120 is a passive sensor system designed to balance and deionize at all times the effects of atmospheric phenomena through multiple compensators, generating a protective shield in its coverage area, its operating principle is based on compensating, stabilizing the existing electric field in its environment, in this way it cancels the formation of the ascending tracer neutralizing the lightning draining the electric charges to earth, in harmless milliamperes.


  • All models must be installed at a height of 3m. above the highest point to be protected
  • Greater deionizing power, for use in buildings, large complexes, mining, boats, electric stations, etc.
  • Cover radius: 120m
  • Weight: 7.4 kilograms (Gross)
  • Measurements: Ø 24.17 cm x 36.72 cm
  • Packaging: Galvanized Metallic Material