WeatherHawk WM-200 WindMate with Wind Direction

WM-200 Handheld Anemometer Wind Meter Features

  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Temperature
  • Wind Chill
  • Digital Compass
  • Displays current, maximum and average wind speed
  • Reports wind direction in both degrees and compass points
  • Calculates head wind, tail wind, and cross wind
  • Water resistant and floats

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WM-200 has an integral, visual wind vane to assist with orientation to the wind, a USA-made fluxgate compass for digital wind direction measurement, and it calculates crosswind, head/tail wind readings. Unlike traditional compasses, the WM-200 reads when held vertically and it can be used to take a bearing on a distant reference point. Temperature and wind chill are included to make this a comprehensive unit for sailors, shooters, and radio-controlled flyers, among many other applications. WM-200 can be tripod-mounted and accommodates the Model SM-WT wind tunnel accessory for very precise wind direction measurements. All WindMates are designed with a wind speed accuracy of better than +/- 3%.

WindMate Comparison Table

Current & Max windspeed 1 Mph, km/h, kt, ft/min, m/s, BFxxxx
Average windspeed (secs)5,10,15101010
Temperature & windchill 2xxx
Wind Vanexxxx
Digital compass 3 / wind directionxxx
Cross wind, head/tail windxxx
Relative humidity 4xx
Relative humidity, no calibration needed 4xx
Wet Bulb, Dewpoint 5xx
Dewpoint 5, Heat Index 9
Delta Txx® Comfort Index™xx
Barometer 6 with 48-hr graph & hr-by-hr historyx
Barometer 6 with 16-hr graphx
Altitude 7x
Density Altitude 8x
EL Lightxxx
Auto Shutoff (after 5 mins) & Tripod Fittingxxxx
Disable Auto Shutoffx
CR 2032 Lithium batteryxxxx

1 Windspeed accuracy +/− 3% from .8−89mph. Windspeed ranges are higher than specifications
2 Temperature/windchill accuracy +/− 1.8°F
3 Digital compass accuracy +/− 2°
4 RH accuracy +/− 3%
5 Wet Bulb, Dewpoint accuracy +/− 3.6°F
6 Barometer accuracy +/− .05 inHg
7 Altitude accuracy +/− 50 Ft
8 Density Altitude accuracy +/− 246 Ft
9 Heat Index accuracy +/− 4°F
* WM350 has 48hr graph & hour-by-hour history for all functions