Tisch X-Calibrator High Volume Calibrator


The Tisch Environmental X-calibrator high volume calibrator is a highly accurate and reliable device for the calibration of PM10, PM2.5, TSP, and industrial hygiene high volume air samplers.  Featuring an LCD display, this instrument is attached to the sampler and instantaneously displays the ambient flow rate.  The X-Calibrator uses integrated barometric pressure and ambient temperature sensors to accurately calculate the ambient flow rate.  Manual flow rate calculations and spreadsheets are no longer necessary with the Tisch Environmental X-Calibrator.

Tisch Environmental

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  • 32 Bit Micro processor for instantaneous flow rate calculation.
  • Eliminates spreadsheets and manual calculations.
  • Heavy duty weather-proof carrying case.
  • Ambient temperature and barometric pressure sensors.

Available Models

Xcalibrator High Volume Air Sampler Calibrator
TSP, PM10, PM2.5 Samplers
Flow Rate: 25-50 CFM
Use With: TSP, PM10, PM2.5 High Volume Air Samplers
System Includes: X-Calibrator, Top Loading Adapter Plate, Carrying Case

Xcalibrator for PUF sampler
Poly Urethane Foam(PUF) Samplers
Flow Rate: 125-250 LPM
Use With: Poly Urethane Foam (PUF) High Volume Air Samplers
System Includes: X-Calibrator, Carrying Cas