Tisch TE-78-100 APS Acid Precipitation Sampler

Designed as an Atmospheric Precipitation Sample, Acid Precipitation Sampler for accurately separating and collecting both total precipitation and total particulate deposition for later laboratory analysis of pH, conductivity, and specification.

The Model A.P.S. is designed for severe environments with a main frame constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and powder coated, and holds two symmetrically placed collections. The collectors have a common garbled-roof cover with international sealing surface.

The TE-78-100 APS is designed to collect precipitation in two containers – one container is open only during precipitation and the other container remains open between precipitation events. This allows dry deposited material to be collected also. A specially designed sensor detects precipitation and activates the motor, which in turn transfers the cover from the wet container to the dry container. When the precipitation event is over the cycle is reversed. The most outstanding feature of this unit is the simplicity of design, reliability of the operating components, and the quality of the materials.

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