With a proven track record of successful installations, the Vaisala Wind Set WA15 has earned its reputation as the industry standard in the wind sensor market.

The WA15 consists of a Vaisala Anemometer WAA151, a Vaisala Wind Vane WAV151, an optional crossarm, a power supply and cabling.

Anemometer with Excellent Linearity The WAA151 is a fast response, low threshold anemometer. Three lightweight, conical cups mounted on the cup wheel, provide excellent linearity over the entire operating range, up to 75 m/s. A wind-rotated chopper disc attached to the shaft of the cup wheel cuts an infrared light beam 14 times per revolution. This generates a pulse output from the phototransistor.


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  • High-performance wind measurement set
  • Long and successful track record in meteorological
  • applications
  • Accurate wind speed and direction measurement
  • Low measurement starting threshold
  • Conical anemometer cups provide excellent linearity
  • Heated shaft prevents bearings from freezing

Sensitive Wind Vane
The WAV151 is a counter-balanced, low-threshold, optoelectronic wind vane. Infrared LEDs and phototransistors are mounted on six orbits on each side of a 6-bit GRAY-coded disc. Turned by the vane, the disc creates changes in the code received by the phototransistors. The output code resolution is ±2.8°.

Heated Bearings Withstand Cold Weather
Heating elements in the shaft tunnels of both the anemometer and vane keep the bearings above freezing in cold climates.

Complete Package Available
The anemometer and vane are designed to be mounted on Vaisala crossarms. The WHP151 power supply provides the operating and heating power needed for the WA15. The power supply, as well as the signal and power cables are available as options


Wind Speed
Measurement range0.4 … 75 m/s
Starting threshold< 0.5 m/s *
Distance constant2.0 m
Characteristic transfer functionU = 0.328 + 0.101 × R

(where U = wind speed [m/s], R = output pulse rate [Hz])

Accuracy (within range 0.4 … 60 m/s)
with characteristic transfer function± 0.17 m/s **
with transfer function U = 0.1 × R± 0.5 m/s***
Wind Direction
Measurement range at wind speed 0.4 … 75 m/s0 … 360°
Starting threshold<0.4 m/s
Damping ratio0.19
Overshoot ratio0.55
Delay distance0.4 m
Accuracybetter than ±3°