COROBOR – MESSIR-NEO – All-in-one solution for Aviation, Hydromet and Energy

All-in-one solution for Weather, Aviation, Hydromet and Energy.

Your solution for Aviation Weather Insight (AWI).

One Web solution for all your Met, Hydro, Agro or Aviation Services

Access to a wide range of data, anywhere, anytime, on PC, smartphone or tablet for a large number of users

State-of-the-art and highly customizable tools as intuitive as using a smartphone for your end-users

Protect your operations, population and assets against hazards or leverage your environment opportunities with a Decision Aid and Warning system

Real-time data monitoring and stations management for Meteorology, Agromet, Hydrology and Aviation

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Manage the Weather Impact on your activities
Decision Aid module for agriculture, military operations, civil protections, weather hazards…
Warnings / Alerts dispatch (SMS, Social Networks, Notification Apps…) to protect your population or secure your assets or infrastructure
Common Alerting Protocol tool to edit and dispatch standardized emergency messages