REMTECH PA5 Doppler SODAR (3,000m altitude range)

The Doppler SODAR PA5 electronic case includes  GPS, WiFi, digital compass and 2D inclinometer. Pressure, temperature and humidity measurements are included. Wireless modem and/or satellite connections are available.


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REMTECH’S PA0 DOPPLER SODAR systems measure remotely a vertical profile of wind speed, direction, thermal stratification and turbulence parameters (sigma W, sigma Theta) up to 3,000 meters average altitude range.

They are ideally suited for wind energy site assessment, airport safety (wind shear detection), for air pollution control and forecast, site surveys (power plants). Military organizations are using the SODAR in programs for weapons development, parachuting, landing on aircraft carriers as well as flight tests in general.

For local remote control a powerful netbook is supplied. It interconnects with the Sodar through WiFi at a distance of up to a one hundred meters.